Task Boards Module Overview

Within Incident Management (Operations Center platform) there are Task Boards which contain lists of tasks that get completed through a workflow. You can add as many task lists and tasks to a task board as you need. Behind each task (row) there is a form which can be configured in the Admin Area.

💡 TIPS: Ideas for your Task Boards:

  • Immediate Actions
  • Critical Services
  • Requests
  • Rescue Checklist
  • Initial Response Task List
  • EOC Tasks
  • Search Assignments
  • Security Tasks
  • Pre-Deployment Checklist

Customizing the Task Board Template

Each task board has a Template which outlines the layout of the form behind each task, and which columns should display on the list view of tasks. The articles below may help in customizing the task board templates: 

Pre-Loading Collections Data

Collections are used to pre-load data into a task board. For example you might have a task board of 'Checklists' and you could enter all the initial response tasks into the collections in advance. They are then available pre-loaded to be available to import during an actual incident. The articles below may help in configuring and populating your task board data:

Using Task Boards

When you come to use a Task Board during an event or incident you should first add it to your channel, or start your channel with a Play that includes it. The articles below may help in using the task board module:

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