Introducing Team Manager and Operations Center

D4H is proud to present two powerful platforms designed to optimize emergency response operations. D4H Team Manager and D4H Operations Center work in harmony to provide a comprehensive and efficient framework.

Team Manager

D4H Team Manager empowers emergency response teams to make sure that their people and their equipment, are always ready to respond. D4H Personnel & Training is a centralized database for personnel information, credential tracking, and training records, organizations can easily schedule and track training sessions or events, ensuring that their teams are well-prepared and up to date with the necessary skills.

D4H Equipment Management add-on simplifies equipment management, ensuring that your assets and your consumables are all tracked, inventoried, inspected, maintained, and ready to go at all times. Organizations can assign equipment to team members, monitor equipment status, and receive alerts for maintenance or replacement.

Lastly, the D4H Incident Reporting add-on streamlines the process of documenting critical information, capturing incident patterns and trends, and generating comprehensive reports, providing valuable insights for post-incident analysis and improvement.

Operations Center

Working alongside the D4H Team Manager, the Operations Center takes D4H Incident Management to the next level. Serving as a centralized solution for command and control, the Operations Center provides tools for real-time collaboration for planning and managing responses to incidents, emergencies, and crises as they occur within your region or within your organization. This powerful program offers a comprehensive view of the operational outlook, allowing organizations to monitor, analyze, and respond effectively to dynamic situations. Build out your own pre-plans in advance so you can launch them with a single click and automatically run the appropriate incident action plans, checklists, tasks, status boards, library documents and prefilled, ICS forms.

Add-ons include the D4H Control Room, designed for handling multiple calls to a security desk or operations room, any of which may escalate into a much larger situation at any time.

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