Selecting Field Types

When creating your Template Forms, you will select a field type that gives you the desired outcome when filling out the form within the channel.

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Text (single-line)

This field type adds a single line text field to your template, to gather small snippets of information.

Text Area (multi-line) 

To incorporate a multi-line text field into your template for gathering detailed information, enable Rich Text by selecting the adjacent box, allowing the utilization of Rich Text in Multi-Line Fields.


This field type adds a number field to your template. You can add a Pre-symbol to the number e.g. $, € or a Post-symbol e.g. Km, °F, People


This field type adds a date field to your template. The system auto completes this field to the current date when you click into it or you can select a different date from the date picker.

Date and time 

This field type adds and date and time field to your template. The system auto completes the date and time fields to the current date and time.


This field type will add a single line text field where you can type in an email address. You have the option to chose whether the addresses entered into this field can be used as a recipient contact for messages (e.g. 'Share items by email').

Option selection 

This field type adds an option selection field to your template. It's a dropdown field containing options that you've added. You can set a default value within the dropdown and allow an empty selection if needed. To reorder the appearance of options, use the cardinal arrow move icon located to the right of your options. Additionally, you can assign a color to each option, which will be displayed when selected.


This field type adds a checkbox field to your template. On your form you are able to check a box to make a selection. Click the up and down arrows to the right of your options to rearrange the order in which they appear.

Location (map feature) 

This field type adds a location (map feature) to your template. This field is to record a specific address or location that you have searched for on the map. 

Area (map feature)

This field type adds an area (map feature) to your template. This field is to record a specific area on a map. You can use the drawing tools on the map to mark out the area. 


This field type adds a file field to your template. This field allows you to upload a file to your form. You can select 'Allow to attach multiple files' if you want to be able to upload more than one file to that particular field. 


This field type adds an icon field to your form. You can select an icon from a menu and it will display in this field. 


This field type adds a relationship field to your template. This field allows you to link data between different modules. 

ℹ️ NOTE: Roles are often linked to an Assignee field on the Tasks form. By doing this, when someone who has been assigned a role goes to the Tasks module, they are able to filter the tasks list to My Items. This will display only tasks assigned to their role.


This field type adds a table field to your template. You can add columns to the table, each column can be a different field type. You can specify what column you want to sort the table by and what direction i.e. ascending or descending. To delete a column, click on the trash can icon to the right of the column name. 

ℹ️ NOTE: It is possible to populate a table field with the contents of a Status Board, Task Board, Personnel, or Roles

In addition you can rearrange table field columns by clicking the ◀︎ ▶︎ move icons next to each column title.


This field type adds a field for an electronic signature to your forms. This will allow you to sign status boards, tasks, and forms from both the web and mobile applications.

You can choose whether the action of signing the form will Lock the entire form or only the section the Signature field is located.

ℹ️ NOTE: You have the option draw, auto generate or upload a signature.

  • Automatic Signature Generator: If you don't want to draw, we'll generate an automatic signature for you in a handwritten script.
  • Uploading Your Signature: If you have a photo of your signature, you can upload it as your default one. Single-click sign and lock forms from here.
  • Locking A Form: Signing a form will Lock it. This means that it is uneditable by you or other users. Whoever signed the form, approved it. Unlocking a form will erase all signatures on the form. Unlock a form from the context menu.

Org Chart 

This field type adds an organization chart field to your template. This pulls the Org chart from the Roles module. You have to have the Org chart created here first or it won't appear when you add the field to your template. 

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