Importing Personnel into Collections

You have several options to import your personnel into your Incident Management account.

This article covers importing Personnel through an existing D4H Personnel & Training account and from a CSV file. Follow the steps on the inviting new users article for adding individual members and assigning a permission profile. 

Additionally, see the inviting new users article for granting a user access to your account.

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL: Account Owner or Editor

Importing Personnel from a CSV file

This is the easiest way to import a list of personnel.

  1. Access the Admin Area
  2. Go to Personnel
  3. Click on the ⋮ more options menu
  4. Click Import
  5. Select a file, it must be a CSV file
  6. You will need to map the columns to their respective data fields
  7. Select Import
  8. You will need to go into each person's profile assign them a permission profile to grant them access to the account, follow the steps on granting access to members

Importing Personnel from your Personnel & Training Account

If you already have a D4H Personnel & Training account, you can enable this D4H Products Integration to import your Personnel from here.  

ℹ️ NOTE: If you enable D4H Products Integration, complete Field Mapping Personnel & Training ‘Member Profile’ to Incident Management 'Personnel' prior to importing personnel from your Personnel & Training account. 

  1. First complete the D4H product integration steps
  2. Go to the Admin Area
  3. Expand Collections
  4. Open Personnel
  5. Click on the ⋮ more options menu
  6. Click Import
  7. Click on D4H Personnel on the left hand menu in the pop up window
  8. Check off the names of the personnel you are importing from you Personnel & Training to your Incident Management account
  9. Click Import

Connect all Existing Personnel to their Personnel & Training Account

⚠️ ATTENTION: Only existing personnel will be linked if they have a member profile in Personnel & Training.

  1. Go to the Admin Area
  2. Expand Collections
  3. Open Personnel
  4. Click on the ⋮ more options menu
  5. Click Import
  6. Click on D4H Personnel on the left hand menu in the pop up window
  7. Select Click Here to link, without updating, all existing personnel to D4H Personnel & Training

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