Field Mapping Personnel & Training ‘Member Profile’ to Incident Management 'Personnel'

You can sync Personnel template fields in your Incident Management account (Operations Center platform) from your member profiles in your Personnel & Training account (Team Manager Center platform). Setting up synchronization will reduce duplication of effort. A subscription to both Incident Management and Personnel & Training is required to utilize this feature. 

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL: Account Owner


  • It is recommended to configure your personnel template first before proceeding with field mapping to ensure you are pulling in the desired data from Personnel & Training.
  • Only one user needs to configure the field mapping. Once field mapping has been set up, the data pull will occur when you Import Personnel in Collections. 

⚠️ ATTENTION: This synchronization will only pull data from Personnel & Training into Operations Center. It will not push data entered into Incident Management to Personnel & Training.

To set up syncing:

  1. Go to the Admin Area
  2. Expand Settings
  3. Complete steps to Configure the D4H Products Integration
  4. The integration is now enabled
  5. Next click IM Personnel <-> PT Member to bring up the PT Member field mapping options
  6. Select which fields on the personnel template will be pulled across from the corresponding member profile fields
  7. Click Save
  8. Once finished complete the Importing Personnel from your Personnel & Training Account steps
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