Member Profile Fields

This article explains the built in fields on a members profile. You may also add Custom Fields to the member profiles.

ℹ️ NOTE: Any fields that have a padlock icon are considered private information and cannot be seen by anyone with Member permission level.

Information Fields

  • Status: See member statuses article
  • Reference: This is a unique set of numbers or letters used to identify the member. e.g. the employee's ID number or their call sign.
  • Joined: This could be the date the Member joined the team or started employment.

ℹ️ NOTE:  If an Activity date is after the member's joined date they will not appear in the attendance dropdown on that activity, so make sure you backdate their joined date to before the activity date to ensure you can add them as an attendee.

e.g. Member Joined Date: January 3, 2023; Activity Date: January 1, 2023.


This section shows the member's Previous, Current and Scheduled Activities. For more information visit the Activities Articles. Click View All Attendance to access the members attendance report

Contact Details

This section shows the member's Primary Email, Phone Numbers and Notes. Any detail with a padlock icon is considered private information and cannot be seen by anyone with member level permission.

Phone Numbers

All the phone numbers must be entered in the proper format in order for the Personnel & Training integrations SMS notifications to work successfully


If you have set costing for your personnels, it will be shown here. 


This will list the Groups the Member is apart of.


This will list the Qualifications the Member has been awarded, as well as the date in which it was issued and the expiration date, if applicable. 


The Members Attendance is presented on charts for all activity types. Ensure you have selected the relevant date range at the top of the members profile to view the relevant data.


This will list the Roles that are assigned to a member. 


This will list the Tags used in an Activity the member attended.

Personal Equipment Issued

All items of equipment issued to a member will be listed here. 

Emergency Contacts

This will list the Emergency Contacts entered in for the member.

Member Attachments

This will show all of the Attachments uploaded in the Member's profile.

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