Issuing Equipment to a Member

Your equipment might be in the possession of one of the members on your team and you can issue those items of equipment to your members which can then be viewed under personal equipment issued on their member profile. 

💡 TIP: The below steps go through how to move a single item of equipment. It is also possible to bulk move equipment

To issue an item of equipment to a team member go to the specific item of equipment:

  1. Go to Logistics > Equipment
  2. Open the piece of equipment through Categories > Kinds or by searching for the equipment ref # on the search bar
  3. Click Update Details on the item of equipment
  4. Under the Located In section click on Update Location
  5. Click on the drop down and scroll to the bottom, select Issued to Member
  6. Click on the next drop down and a list of your members will appear, you can scroll through the list or start typing their name in the search box
  7. Select the member you want to issue the item to
  8. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page

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