Generating Member Attendance Reports

Track your attendance hours and report on them easily. 

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ℹ️ NOTE: This article applies to the products D4H Personnel & Training, and Incident Reporting

Tag Reports

Tags serve as a handy tool, especially when generating reports and filtering your data. They allow you to categorize attendance hours effectively, such as distinguishing between Administrative and Operational hours. Organize your team's attendance with ease using tags.

💡 TIP: For example, if you aim to filter attendance hours based on Primary and Secondary Service Hours, consider creating tags for these. This allows you to report on the hours spent for each tag in your activities.

ℹ️ NOTE: Using tags can also be beneficial for your organization's governmental tax credits. If you need to report volunteer hours, this feature ensures you capture and categorize the information efficiently.

Team Attendance Reports 

Creating a member attendance hours report is straightforward with the Custom Reports feature. While we offer pre-populated reports, you can easily tailor one for tax purposes.

  1. Go to Intelligence > Reports
  2. Click on Create New Report; the dropdown menu will display various options for generating Attendance reports
  • Choose “Attendance (All)” to view attendance time based on each activity


  • Opt for “Attendance (Grouped by Member)” if you want to see:
    • Accumulated attendance hours across all activities
    • Overall Attendance % for each member
  1. Customize the report filters based on your duration preferences.
  2. Click Generate Report
  3. To save the custom report for future use click Save Custom Report at the bottom of the screen
  4. You can configure the Saved Custom Report for Automated Email Delivery or set up Automation through API

ℹ️ NOTE: If you use Tags to distinguish service hours, remember to select the relevant tag or tags. Note that this applies specifically when using Attendance (Grouped by Member). Simplify your reporting process with these easy steps.

Individual Member Attendance Reports

Access an individual member on your team's attendance report.

  1. Go to Planning > Members
  2. Open the profile of the member you're interested in
  3. In the Activities section, click +View All Attendance
  4. You'll receive a report detailing the individual attendances of that member
  5. Download the report as either a spreadsheet or a PDF

If you use Tags and Roles, they will be included in the report, allowing you to filter the information based on these parameters.

Canadian Volunteer Tax Credit Tips and Tricks 

Volunteer Firefighters and Search and Rescue Volunteers in Canada are eligible for a tax credit if they complete at least 200 hours of eligible service. With the D4H Incident Reporting and Analytics module tracking eligible volunteer hours and reporting on this tax credit to the  Canada Revenue Agency is a quick and easy process. More info on the Canadian Volunteer Firefighter and Search and Rescue Volunteer tax credits, take a look at the Canada Revenue Agency’s website here

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