Generating Member Attendance Reports

Track your attendance hours and report on them easily. 

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ℹ️ NOTE: This article applies to the products D4H Personnel & Training, and Incident Reporting

Tag Reports

Tags are useful feature that can be very handy when you generate a report and filter your data using tags.

You can separate your attendance hours into different categories such as Administrative vs Operational. In this case, you can use tags to help organize your team's attendance hours.

💡 TIP: For example, if you are trying to filter your attendance hours by Primary Service Hours and Secondary Service Hours, you may want to create tags in order to report on the number of hours spent based on those tags being used in your activities. 

ℹ️ NOTE: This may also benefit your organization with governmental tax credits as well if you need to report on volunteer hours. 

Attendance Reports 

Generating a report of member attendance hours is an easy process when using the Custom Reports feature. We provide a number of pre-populated reports in this section however to create a custom report for tax reporting.

  1. Go to Intelligence > Reports
  2. Click in to Create New Report and the dropdown will show several options to generate Attendance reports 
  3. Select “Attendance (All)” if you would like to see a user’s attendance hours based on each activity that they participated OR Select “Attendance (Grouped by Member)” if you would like to see a user’s accumulated attendance hours across all the activities that they participated 
  4. Set the report filters (duration based on your requirement and hit Generate Report.  If you are using tags to separate eligible service hours; the applicable  tag or tags need to be selected. Please note that this is applicable when only using “Attendance (Grouped by Member)

💡TIP: Click in to "Save Custom report" to use the customized report in the future.

Canadian Volunteer Tax Credit Tips and Tricks 

Volunteer Firefighters and Search and Rescue Volunteers in Canada are eligible for a tax credit if they complete at least 200 hours of eligible service. With the D4H Incident Reporting and Analytics module tracking eligible volunteer hours and reporting on this tax credit to the  Canada Revenue Agency is a quick and easy process. More info on the Canadian Volunteer Firefighter and Search and Rescue Volunteer tax credits, take a look at the Canada Revenue Agency’s website here

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