Incident Management App Overview

Use the Incident Management mobile app to manage your resources. Remotely assign roles, view and update the situation, fill out forms, and complete tasks. Any changes made in the app will appear live on all other platforms as long as you are connected to the internet. All D4H apps allow for the use of biometric authentication to secure your data.

After logging into the app, a page will appear displaying all of the ongoing incidents. 


The Situation provides the latest updates on an event / incident. Depending on your permission profile, you can click on the fields to make changes to the situation report. 


Assign Personnel to existing Roles in the app by clicking on a role then filling out the Assigned Personnel field. Clicking into a role will also allow you to fill out custom fields that have been added in advance to capture additional information about roles. See below for instructions on how to create a new role within the app. 


Complete existing Forms in the app by clicking on the forms and then selecting fields to add to. Add new forms by clicking the + in the bottom right and selecting a form type from the list of Templates.


View and post log communications in this section. Attach images and videos to messages to share with other team members. 

Task Boards

Complete Task lists and create new ones. Mark assignments as not started, in progress, or complete. Add notes to the Form Template behind the individual tasks. 

Status Boards

Add new rows to your Status Boards while in the field. Record information to be shared with the rest of your team. 


View which Personnel are in the channel and add new ones. Edit contact information and other custom fields. Delete personnel who are no longer needed. 


Store files and links to websites. Review resources that you normally use during an event / incident

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