Adding a New Link


To add a new link to your library:

  1. Access the open channel or the Admin Area if updating collections
  2. Go to Library, or Library in collections
  3. Click the orange Add at the top right
  4. Select New Link
  5. Give your link a name
  6. Click in the Link URL field 
  7. Paste the URL you wish to add
  8. Now when you go back to your list of documents in the Library, your new link will be saved here
  9. When you double click on it, it will open the URL in a new tab


ℹ️ NOTE: It is not possible to add library items in the collections from the mobile app.

To add library links in the channel:

  1. Open the Incident Management Mobile App
  2. Access the open channel
  3. Select Library
  4. Click on the orange + icon
  5. Select the Link icon
  6. Here you can paste in the link URL
  7. To create a new folder click on the orange + icon and select the Folder icon
  8. To delete a file, hold down on the file with your finger and an action menu will appear at the bottom of the screen allowing you to delete or edit the file
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