Creating Teams and Roles

Teams and roles can be created in individual channels or in the Collections section of the Admin Area. Creating them in collections allows them to be used across multiple channels and to be included in Plays


To create teams and roles:

  1. Access the open Channel or the Admin Area if updating collections
  2. Go to the Roles, or Personnel Roles in collections
  3. Click Add Team
  4. Give the team a name and click Add
  5. Select Add Role to the right of the team name
  6. Enter the name of the role
  7. Click on the red check symbol


ℹī¸ NOTE: It is not possible to add teams/roles in the collections from the mobile app.

To add roles in the channel:

  1. Open the Incident Management Mobile App
  2. Access the open channel
  3. Select Roles
  4. Click the + in the lower right hand corner
  5. Select Add Blank to create a new team and roles
    1. Select the existing teams/roles in collections you want to import into the channel and click Import
  6. Change the team name you want the role to be under
  7. Specify the title of the role by clicking on the name field
  8. Fill out any other information you want related to the role in the other fields
  9. Click back to return to the main roles page

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