Assigning a Unique Identifier to an Incident

The unique identifiers in Incident Management allow you to quickly assign reference numbers to your Channels. Whenever you start a new channel, a reference number will be automatically added to the Situation Report based on the parameters specified in the Admin Area.

🔑  ACCESS LEVEL: Account Owner

⚠ī¸ ATTENTION: If you are syncing your Incident Management account to Incident Reporting contact the Help Desk at help@d4h.comand we will set up the unique identifier feature for you. 

ℹī¸ NOTE: If you have already created a reference template, you can change it by clicking Update ref sequences.

To add a reference template:

  1. Go to the Admin Area
  2. Expand Settings
  3. Select Preferences
  4. Input your reference template under Incidents > Incident Ref Template
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