Using Rich Text Editor

When writing up your Incidents, Exercises, or Events, you can add styling to text fields.  Font styles such as bold, italic, and colors, etc. give you a way to better present your information, splitting the text up into sections, and emphasizing the important parts.

The rich-text editor toolbar within your text area fields will give you the following capabilities:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Strikethrough
  • Colored Highlighter
  • Clear Styles (Reset)
  • Quotes
  • Bulleted List
  • Numbered List
  • Horizontal Rule
  • Links

ℹī¸ NOTE: This article applies to the products D4H Personnel & Training, and Incident Reporting

💡 TIP: Press SHIFT+ENTER to create a newline. Press ENTER creates a new paragraph.

  1. Go to the existing activity you wish to add rich text to or create a new activity
  2. Use the tool bar within the applicable text area fields to create the rich text;
    1. You can add rich text to the following fields in Personnel & Training:
      1. Exercise Description
      2. Exercise Pre-plan
      3. Event Description
      4. Event Pre-plan
    2. You can add rich text to the following fields in Incident Reporting:
      1. Incident Description
      2. Incident Private Data
  3. Click Finished when you are done
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