Approving an Activity

Draft activity reports are stored in a designated 'draft' section on your Team Manager platform's Dashboard, allowing continuous editing and additions until approval. These drafts are clearly marked with an asterisk for easy identification. Once approved, the asterisk is removed, signifying a finalized report.


ℹī¸ NOTES: Statistics from activities are only incorporated into the reports after approval, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data representation.

⚠ī¸ ATTENTION: If you are unable to approve an activity it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • There are members with an 'Unconfirmed' attendance status, you will need to update their status to 'Attended' or 'Absent'
  • The end date/time of the activity is in the future
  • You must complete required fields, such as Custom Fields, before you can proceed
  1. Go to the activity you want to approve
  2. Click Approve Report on the right hand side of the screen
  3. A confirmation box will appear on the screen with a reminder that no further edits will be possible unless reverted back to a draft
  4. Select Approve

You also have the option to use the Bulk Approve feature on the Dashboard to approve multiple activities simultaneously.

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