Tagging a Module in the Log

You can tag any module within Incident Management (Operations Center platform) against a log post in the Logs module.  For example the Situation Report, your Teams and Roles and even your Personnel can be tagged in a log post.  This makes it easy to see exactly which log post relates to which area in the incident channel. Once it is tagged you are able to click on the tag and it takes you directly to the module it was tagged against. 

If you are tagging a specific person or role one of your personnel is assigned to, they will receive a notification.

ℹ️ NOTE: Using the Situation Report module for the below examples but it works the same for any applicable modules within the Operations Center account.


To do this:

  1. Access the open channel
  2. Click on Logs
  3. Access the Log tab 
  4. Click on +Tag
  5. Select Situation or any applicable module from the menu
  6. Type your message
  7. Hit the Enter key or press the paper plane send icon
  8. Your post will now show in the log with the Situation tagged against it


  1. Open the Incident Management Mobile App
  2. Access the open channel
  3. Click on Logs
  4. Click on the icon
  5. Select Add Tags
  6. Type in the title of the object you want to tag or select it from the menu
  7. Type your message
  8. Hit the Enter key or press the paper plane icon

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