Setting up Email Delivery of Custom Reports

Custom reports that you have created can be set to automatically send email reports to multiple individuals at pre-set intervals. 

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL: Owner or Editor

⚠️ ATTENTION: Delivery of custom reports can only be done with Saved Custom Reports.

  1. Go to Intelligence > Reports
  2. Click into the custom report that has been created
  3. Click Update Details
  4. Set Email Delivery to Yes
  5. Key in the details on frequency, who will receive and other information
  6. Toggle Yes under Send Email When No Results if you wish to receive an email even when there are no reporting results
    1. If set to No, you will only receive an email if there are new entries matching the specified report criteria
  7. Toggle Yes under Attach CSV File if you want the report email to include a CSV file
  8. Click Save Details

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