Using the Import Filter Linked to a Taskboard

It is possible to set a filter rule so that only some elements of the linked module are imported.

For example you may want to add a table to your Situation Report that shows all Tasks that have not yet started. 

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL: Account Owner

ℹī¸ NOTE: For the below example 'not_started' is taken from the task statuses value on the Task Board. If you have edited these you will need to take the value from your new task statuses. 

To do this:

  1. Go to the Admin Area
  2. Expand Templates
  3. Click the orange Edit icon to access the task template you want the task status value from

  1. Once you have the applicable task status value access the Situation template
  2. Key in the following code into the import filter box on the table field:
    1. status==='not_started' 
  3. This is how it will appear on the table field on your Situation Report in the Admin Area:

  1. Once finished click Save
  2. Select Ok to confirm change, or select Cancel to revert the change
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