Shutting Down a Channel

At the end of an event or incident you will 'Shutdown' a channel by pressing the power button on it.

ℹ️ NOTE: It is not possible to shut-down a channel in the mobile app.

To shutdown an incident channel:

  1. Access the the main page in the Incident Management account
  2. Click on the Power icon next to the channel you wish to shut down

This will open a dialog screen with a prompt to select an option:

  • Create a new activity report - This will create a draft activity in our Incident Reporting product. If you have syncing between Incident Management and Incident Reporting set up, this will be the only option available to you. 
  • Generate a downloadable archive - This will create a single .zip file for you to download to your local computer or store on your corporate network before deleting the original (see Export Settings).
  • Delete data, do not save - If you were only testing and do not want a copy retained.
  • Decide later - We'll move it to the archived section of the list.
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