Configuring Export Settings

You can choose what is included in the final channel export.

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL: Account Owner

To do this:

  1. Go to the Admin Area
  2. Expand Settings
  3. Click on Export Settings
  4. Choose the data you want on your PDFs and exports
  5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen

Form printing and export preferences

Here you can choose to include the 'Exported by' information and team name on your exports and PDFs.

This is also where you can set the default timezone on your account and default base Map

Data included in the incident archive

Here you can choose what data is included in the export from general information, built-in modules, and your custom modules.

Module Summary Export

Select Module Name (e.g. Personnel / Roles / Buildings) to export a PDF summary of the module. 

Module Details Export

Select Include Module X Details (e.g. Include Buildings Details) to also download a PDF for each item (row) within that module. 

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