Creating Tasks

You can create a task within any module entity in Personnel & Training, Equipment Management or Incident Reporting.  For example this can be the name or reference number of the Event/Exercise/Incident, the name or reference number of a piece of Equipment, and the name of a Member.

To create a Task:

  1. Go to Logistics > Tasks 
  2. Click Add a Task on the right hand side OR click on Dashboard and Add a Task from the Task widget
  3. Type in the title of the Task
  4. Give a brief description as to what the Task is or give specific steps in order to complete the Task
  5. Start typing in the name of the Entity you are linking the task to 
  6. Choose to whom the Task will be assigned to or search for the member by name within the dropdown
  7. Key in the Due Date
  8. Click Save Changes

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