Bulk Updating Attendance on an Activity

ℹ️ NOTE: You can use the Bulk Action dropdown to update a members role / status / set the period / clear from list or duplicate on the attendance tab of an activity.

Using the Bulk Action tool to update attendance

  1. Open the Activity
  2. Click on Update Details
  3. Go to the Attendance tab
  4. Select the check box next to the Name column to select all attendees in the list (or select only the ones that you need the attendance updated)
  5. Use the Bulk Action dropdown in the top right and select Set status
  6. Select the attendance status you wish to apply and click Update Selected
  7. Those members will now be listed with the updated attendance status you chose

Bulk updating a specific set of attendees

Follow the steps below to quickly update all members who are "Unconfirmed" on an activity.

  1. Open the Activity
  2. Click on Update Details
  3. Go to the Attendance tab
  4. Click the Unconfirmed header. This will automatically select all attendees listed as Unconfirmed
  5. Use the Bulk Action dropdown in the top right 
  6. Select Set Status
  7. Update the status to Confirmed or Absent
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