Nesting Items within Other Items

Moving equipment into another piece of equipment allows for the creation of containers. For example, vehicles can contain equipment or palettes and bags made up of multiple items, allowing you to track and move your equipment effectively.

If your item of equipment is located in a kit or a vehicle compartment or a container, this is what we refer to as nesting items within items.

⚠️ ATTENTION: You must have all items created before you can nest items within items. I.e. you must create your item 'Toolkit-1' / 'Toolkit-2' or your item 'DSI-COMPARTMENT-1' where you want to nest your items.  

  1. Go to Logistics > Equipment
  2. Select the Location tab
  3. Click Move Items
  4. If the equipment you want to move does not already have a location set against it, it will be under 'No Location'
  5. Expand the 'No Location' section by clicking on the + symbol. Or you can search for an item in the filter box if you know the reference
  6. Simply drag and drop the items you want to move over to the box on the right hand side
  7. Click Move Selected Equipment
  8. Select the location from the Destination Location drop down e.g. Store Room A
  9. Click into the next drop down and select where the item should be located e.g. Tool kit (which is located in Store Room A)
  10. Click Move

Nesting Vehicle Contents Scenario

The following steps outline the process of creating compartments in a vehicle, named Ambulance A001 and subsequently placing items in each compartment.

  1. Ensure that the relevant items are already added to the account
  2. Create a Category called Containers

  1. Within the Containers Category, Create a Kind called Compartments
    1. Choose Reusable Equipment as the Kind Type during the creation of each Kind

ℹ️ NOTE: If there are multiple vehicles with compartments, and individual Inspections are required for each compartment, consider creating a separate Kind for each vehicle.

Kind examples:

  • Compartments - Ambulance A001
  • Compartments - Rescue Truck B001
  • Compartments - Armoured Truck C001

  1. Click into the Kind and and proceed to create individual compartments items of equipment
    1. E.g. For Compartments - Ambulance A001 assume there is a compartment on both the driver and passenger sides, name each compartment accordingly via the reference #:
      1. A001 - Driver side
      2. A001 - Passenger side

  1. Change the item's location to the respective vehicle (e.g. Ambulance A001) and repeat this step for other compartments in the same vehicle

  1. Use the Bulk Move Feature to store the Equipment Items into their applicable compartments

  1. If you now go back to the Ambulance A001 and generate an export of its “Contents”, it would display all the items inside that Ambulance A001 - i.e. compartments and the items inside the compartments
  2. To review the contents of the vehicle, go back to the specific vehicle (e.g. Ambulance A001) and select the PDF under the Contents

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