Creating an Item of Equipment

These are your physical items of equipment.

⚠️ ATTENTION: Before you can add Items of Equipment, you must first add Categories and Kinds.

  1. Go to Logistics > Equipment
  2. Open up the Categories tab
  3. Click through the Category and Kind where you want to add an item of equipment
  4. Click Add Item
  5. The system will automatically generate a unique reference number for you
  6. By clicking Create Item, a new page will open up where you can enter further details relating to the item such as Manufacturer, Model, expired date, supplier details, etc
  7. By clicking Quick Add your item will be created with no additional details, however, you can add these in later by updating the item

💡 TIP: You can give your item a different reference if you are already using references. For example, you could put in 'ANCHOR-1', 'ANCHOR-2', 'BOX-2' or 'TRUCK-23' etc. Remember the reference must be unique in the system. 

ℹ️ NOTE: You can attach an image to the item's profile. However, if you have several items of the same Manufacturer and Model, it is advised to attach the image of the item to the model. This will set the photo as the profile photo for all items of that model.

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