Displaying Status Boards on the Map

You can display your status boards on the Map which makes it easy to see the location spread of an event / incident in relation to the information within your different status boards.

⚠️ ATTENTION: If you do not already have a location field added to one of your Status Board templates, you will need to add one in. 


To display status board on the map:

  1. Access the open Channel
  2. Go to the Status Board
  3. Click into the location field within a row
  4. Search for an address by clicking on the 🔍 search icon or by dragging and dropping the pin to the location
  5. Continue doing this for your other status boards
  6. When you click on the Map icon it will open the map on screen where you can see all pinned locations for your Status Boards
  7. Go to the Map module and you will see all pinned status board locations here too


  1. Open the Incident Management Mobile App
  2. Access the open channel
  3. Select your Status Board
  4. Click into the location field on your status board
  5. Search for an address by typing into the search box
  6. Click Save

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