Duplicating a Form

In this article, we'll walk you through the simple yet powerful process of duplicating Forms within Incident Management (Operations Center platform). Whether you need to replicate a frequently used form or tweak an existing one for a new purpose, this functionality will save you valuable time and effort.

💡 TIP: Example: You might have a Missing Person Report Form. You log an incident / event involving 3 missing persons. You can duplicate the form and create Missing Person Report 2 / Missing Person Report 3 etc.

  1. Access the open Channel
  2. Go to Forms
  3. Click on the ⋮ more options menu at the top right 
  4. Select Duplicate
  5. You now have a copy of that form
  6. The new form will have (Copy) at the end of it's name, you can rename it from the ⋮ more options menu or by editing the header field at the top

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