Accessing the Navigation Bar

The navigation bar allows users to access and update various information pertaining to their Incident Management account. 

Help Center 

Access help at your finger tips by clicking on the ? question mark icon in the top right hand corner.

What's New

Review any system wide changes that may impact the usage of our system and subscribe to email alerts.

Help Center

  • Answers: Be connected to Help Center articles, D4H's repository for informational and support articles relating to products. The top 5 recommended articles will display based on where you are in the products but you can also search using keywords.
  • Ask: Get connected directly to one of our product experts via the D4H Help Desk.

System Diagnostics

See the complete system diagnostics article for more information.


Review any system wide notifications here by click on the Bell icon in the top right hand corner.

Settings & Sign-out

User Settings

See the user settings article for more information.

Admin Area

See the admin area overview article for more information.


Sign-out of your Incident Management account.

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