Completing System Diagnostics

System Diagnostics allows users to runs through a series of checks which are designed to identify problems areas.

Client Status

Receiving a green checkmark icon validates these areas are operating normally.

If you receive any other icon indication it could mean the following:

  • D4H Software is not up to date and may require a browser refresh.
  • You do not have sufficient internet connection and the data is currently being stored locally as the product is designed to have offline capabilities. The account will update once sufficient internet connection is established.
  • You no longer have sufficient local storage on your device. Please note without sufficient storage you will not be able to store data via offline capabilities.

Server Status

Access the link to check on the server status that may be impacting the product, especially if you are receiving any errors or feel something may not be working as expected. You may also subscribe to these notifications to stay actively updated on server outages and issues.

Additional Diagnostic

Access for additional diagnostic information.

Sync Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing data anomalies, for example you receive an error that indicates something is [caused by missing], you can try to re-synchronize your local data.

See offline capability for more information.

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