Bulk Moving Items of Equipment

Utilizing the bulk move feature accelerates inventory organization and improves workflow efficiency for users. This proves especially beneficial when dealing with substantial quantities of items, facilitating a swift and seamless transition while upholding precision in the item relocation process.

  1. Go to Logistics > Equipment
  2. Click on the Location tab

  3. Click Move Items
  4. If the equipment you want to move does not already have a location set against it, it will be under 'No Location'
  5. Expand the 'No Location' section by clicking on the + symbol. Or you can search for an item in the filter box if you know the reference
  6. Drag and drop the items you want to move over into the right Selected column

  1. Click Move Selected Equipment
  2. In the Destination Location drop down select the location you want to move the equipment to
  3. Click Move
  4. All items will now be moved to their new location
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