Adding an Equipment Location

Equipment locations help you isolate your equipment cache into specific storage locations. They should be permanent, non-movable locations such as a warehouse or vehicle bay; not gear bags or vehicles.

Members with Equipment Basic to access equipment management can filter equipment by location and create printable lists of equipment on a per-site basis.

ℹī¸ NOTE: Ideally you must only create an equipment location if the location has geographical coordinates. If some of your items are inside of another item in your inventory, consider using our Nesting Feature instead of creating a new equipment location

To create a location to store your equipment:

  1. Go to Logistics > Equipment
  2. Select the Locations tab
  3. Click Add Location
  4. Give your location a title such as Storage Room A / Vehicle Bay / Training Building / Warehouse D
  5. You can add your location to a bundle to group storage areas together, for example Building A
  6. You can add a 'Description' to your equipment, such as notes, requirements, project details, or deployment contact details
  7. Click Select On Map if you want to pin the equipment location to the map
  8. Click Save Changes

If you are not sure of the right path to take, drop us a note to explaining your scenario and we will give a few suggestions to consider.

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