Mass Notifications Overview

You can connect a mass notifications provider which will allow you to broadcast messages from your Channel to the address book groups in the provider. We never see your contacts in your provider, just the address book group names.  

💡 TIP: Examples for using the mass notifications module:

  • Example 1: You could have a mass notification provider with all citizens in your county or state broken into sending groups such as where they live or their vulnerability level. You can select those groups and push messages to them. 
  • Example 2: You could have a mass notification provider with all your staff grouped by building or facility. Push messages to them such as evacuation orders.

The articles below may help in setting up with one of the mass notification providers:

  1. World Text
  2. Everbridge
  3. SingleWire Informacast


Esri ArcGIS Online (Coming Soon)

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