Creating / Updating / Deleting Resources

Incorporate external agencies, teams, facilities, and organizations into your activities, and then monitor their attendance. Analyze and generate reports on the frequency of different activity types for each Resource using Tags and attendance data. Easily categorize Resources into types such as Air Support or Military.


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  1. Creating a New Resource
  2. Updating an Existing Resource
  3. Deleting a Resource (we only recommend performing this action for items added in error)

Creating a New Resource

💡 TIP: Once you have added a resource you can then add an individual contact person for this resource under the address book. 

  1. Go to Intelligence > Resources
  2. Select Add Resource on the right-hand side of the screen
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Click Save Changes

Updating an Existing Resource

  1. Go to Intelligence > Resources
  2. Click into the resource you wish to update information
  3. Select Update Details
  4. Update the information
  5. Click Save Changes

Deleting a Resource

⚠️ ATTENTION: Deleting a resource will permanently delete it from the account including any activity reporting data associated with it.

  1. Go to Intelligence > Resources
  2. Click into the resource you wish to delete then select Update Details
  3. Click on the red Delete on the bottom right hand corner
  4. Type in the prompted word in the space to confirm
  5. Click I understand the consequences, delete and that resource will no longer appear

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