Setting up Costing for Equipment

Setting up the costing details on an individual item will override any of the costings when drafting the activity by entering in a different figure. If no new figure is inputted, the default figure will be saved.

For Individual Equipment Items

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL REQUIRED: Member + with Equipment Editor, as well as Owners and Editors

  1. Go to Logistics > Equipment
  2. Find the equipment either through Categories > Kinds or by searching using the equipment reference number
  3. Click Update Details
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and input the desired values for the cost-per-hour, cost-per-use fields and/or cost per mileage (for Vehicle Kinds only)

For Equipment Kinds

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL REQUIRED: Owners and Editors

  1. Go to Team Settings
  2. Under Equipment select Categories and Kind
  3. Click the kind you want to apply costing values to
  4. Select Edit and input the appropriate costing values
  5. Costs can be specified for Per Hour, Per Use and Per Distance
  6. Click Edit Kind

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