Adding an Attachment

Attachments are uploads you make against entities like an incident, exercise, member profile, qualification, or item of equipment, etc. they are files "attached" to the entity. They appear in context, on the item's page, or in its sidebar. Attachments differ from Documents, which is more of a shared document repository. For further details, refer to the Documents articles.

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL REQUIRED: Owner, Editor, and members with module-specific granular permissions can add/edit attachments. For example, a Member with the Draft Activity permission can add/edit attachments to draft activities, or a Member+ with Equipment Editor can add/edit attachments to equipment modules. Private attachments (marked with a padlock icon) are visible only to Member+ and above.

⚠️ ATTENTION: The maximum file size of uploaded documents is 1 GB.

  1. Go to the module where you would like to upload an attachment
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and 
  3. Click Upload File from the Attachments menu
  4. Click on Add File and upload your attachment(s)
Attachment for Equipment Item
Attachment for Past Inspection
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