Deleting a Category of Equipment

⚠️ ATTENTION: You cannot delete a category of equipment if you have active equipment items in it, this is to prevent accidental mass deletion. To delete a category with items in it, you must first delete or move to another category each item of equipment. There is no bulk delete function for this.

⚠️ ATTENTION: You cannot delete a category that has kinds under it. To delete a category with kinds, you must first delete each kind.

To delete a Category of equipment:

  1. Go to Team Settings
  2. Under Equipment select Categories & Kinds
  3. Hover over the Category you wish to delete
  4. Click Delete
  5. Enter the password you use to log into the account
  6. Click Permanently Delete

💡 TIP: Alternatively, you can delete by navigating to the Categories tab on the equipment dashboard, select Update Details, click Delete a Category, enter your password and select Permanently Delete.

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