Assigning an NFC Tag to a Member in the App

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL: Member+, Editor and Owner

ℹ️ NOTE: Ensure "Contactless - NFC" option is selected from your D4H Personnel & Training Mobile App settings

To assign an NFC tag to a Member: 

  1. Open the Personnel & Training Mobile App
  2. Click on the ☰ hamburger menu at the top left and
  3. Click on Members
  4. Find the Member you are assigning an NFC Tag to
  5. Click on the ⋮ more options menu at the top right
  6. Click on Associate ID Tag
  7. Scan the NFC Tag
  8. You will be asked to confirm that you want to associate the NFC Tag you have just scanned with this Member
  9. Click Confirm
  10. Your Member will now be updated with the new NFC Tag

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