Scanning an NFC Tag in the App

Once you have assigned an NFC Tag to a Member you can use your Personnel Mobile App to scan the NFC Tag that is adhered to a Member's helmet or ID card to pull up their profile page.

ℹī¸ NOTE: If you have an app that acts as the default action on NFC scan, such as Tasker, that app may supersede the NFC scanning functions which may prevent the Personnel app from working properly.

To can an NFC tag:

  1. Open the Personnel Mobile App
  2. Click on the scan icon on the bottom of the screen of the mobile app
  3. Once the Ready to Scan screen pops up hold the NFC tag close to the phone to scan
  4. This will open the member's profile
  5. You can then click on Qualifications, Groups, their Schedule (On-Call Planner or Activities) or View Member to view details of that member's profile 

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