Configuring Equipment Settings


To configure equipment settings:

  1. Go to Team Settings
  2. Under Equipment select Equipment Settings
  3. Here you can turn on or off certain modules within Equipment Management 
  4. You can also make additional setting changes (see the below list for more details on each setting)
  5. Click Save Changes

  • Auto-Unserviceable: If this is set to On and an item of equipment expires, the item will automatically change status to be out of service.
  • Show in Lists: Tick the boxes if you want this information displayed in the list view.

  • Barcode Type: Here you can select the barcode type you wish to use.
  • Activity Usage: Enable this to include nested items by default in your activities. This can always be toggled off for individual activities under the equipment tab.
  • Remind Before Expiry: Set the default number of days before warning notifications are set on expiring items of equipment. Warnings can also be set on individual items.
  • Labels: You can change the labels that appear in your account.
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