Adding a Repair to an Item

To add a repair to an item of equipment:

  1. Go to Logistics > Equipment
  2. Open the piece of equipment through Categories > Kinds or by searching for the equipment ref # on the search bar
  3. Click Add Repair
  4. Enter the repair that is needed
  5. Choose what caused the damage (this may be useful to track across your cache)
  6. You can assign the repair to a member of your team
  7. Setting 'Out Of Service' to 'Yes' means the item will be marked as out of service until the repair has been completed
  8. Click Create Repair, this allows you to add further details and a due date
  9. It is possible to track on which incident/event/exercise the item was damaged by selecting it from the 'Caused on Activity' drop down
  10. You can add costing details related to the repair
  11. Click Save Changes
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