Completing an Inspection

ℹ️ NOTE: If you have turned on the auto-unserviceable setting, and an item of equipment is not inspected by it's due date, it will mark the item as Unserviceable and you will need to update the status manually or complete the inspection to set it back to Operational.

To complete an inspection on the equipment:

  1. Go to Logistics > Equipment
  2. Click on the Inspections tab
  3. Select the Inspection you want to complete
  4. Select the result icon of the inspection next to each item (see the result options below)
  5. You have the option to leave a comment
  6. Select the inspection completion date from the calendar
  7.  Click Save Changes
  8. Repeat steps above until all items have been inspected

Result options

  • Operational: The inspection has been completed and the item is marked as operational 
  • Out of Service: The inspection has been completed and the item has been marked as non-operational 
  • Monitor item: The inspection was completed but you want to keep an eye on the item by putting it on the monitor list 
  • Repair Required: During the inspection a repair was identified. The repair can be created directly from this screen
  • Lost: The item was not in its location when you went to inspect it so it has been marked as lost
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