Bulk Import Members from a Spreadsheet

You have the ability to bulk-add members by uploading a spreadsheet. Spreadsheet files should be exported to CSV format from your spreadsheet software before upload.

Personnel & Training, Equipment Management and Incident Reporting

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL: Owner or Editor

⚠️ ATTENTION: Make sure all your rows match our sample, including date format DD/MM/YYYY.  

  1. Go to the 👤 user menu in the top right
  2. Click on Access Control
  3. Click the Add Members button
  4. Click Upload Spreadsheet
  5. Download the Bulk-Upload Template
  6. Once you've filled in the Bulk-Upload Template, go back to this screen
  7. Upload your CSV file
  8. You can review the data before importing
  9. Once you are happy click Import All Members
  10. Now that your members have been added you will need to grant them access

💡 TIP: If you plan on importing data into custom fields, the custom fields must be created before doing the import. You also need to make sure that the name of the spreadsheet column you are importing data from is an exact match to the name of the custom field.

Incident Management

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL: Account Owner

⚠️ ATTENTION: Ensure that your Personnel Template fields correspond to the columns in your CSV file. E.g. if you have a phone number column in your CSV, you must include a text single line field in your personnel template.

  1. Go to the Admin Area
  2. Expand Collections
  3. Select Personnel
  4. Click on the ⋮ more options menu on the top right
  5. Select Import
  6. Click Select File from the pop up
  7. Map the personnel template fields to CSV columns
  8. Click Import

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