Updating On/Off-Call Period


There are two ways to update your on/off call period in the web application.

Option 01

  1. Select the +Add On-Call or +Add Off-Call button from the dashboard. The button will depend on what default is set in your teams account
  2. From here you can fill in the date, duration and further details of your on / off call period
  3. You can also select Add Another Date in order create and repeat schedules like a 4x10
  4. You may also select a Custom Repeats option or choose from one of the built-in choices
  5. Select yourself from the Personnel drop down menu
  6. Click Save Changes

Option 02

  1. Go to Operations > On-Call Planner
  2. Select the Add On-Call or Add Off-Call 


If your account default setting is off-call:

  1. Download and open Personal & Training mobile app
  2. Click on Update
  3. Select the availability details
  4. Click "Update Availability"

If your account default setting is on-call:

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