Navigating the Equipment Management App

Use the D4H Equipment Management app to track, repair, and inspect your equipment. Barcoding your items allows you to look them up instantly with an in-app scanner. All D4H apps allow for the use of biometric authentication to secure your data.

Switch between areas of the app by clicking the ☰ menu in the upper left hand corner of the main screen. The main sections of the Equipment Management app are:


The home screen is the first thing you see when opening the app. It shows recently viewed items, upcoming inspections, and an overview of repairs. In the bottom right corner of the home screen there is a barcode symbol. Click that to open the scanner and scan your equipment barcodes.


View your upcoming Inspections in the Inspections section. They are automatically sorted by inspection due date. Click the symbol in the upper right corner to show the option to sort by Location. See instructions below for more information about displaying equipment data by location.


View and complete Repairs in the Repairs section. Repairs are sorted into Incomplete, Due, and Mine. Click into a repair to see more information or mark it as complete.


Browse equipment by Category and/or Kind in the Browse section. The first area shown is a list of all equipment categories. Click on a category to view the kinds within it. Clicking on a kind will take you to a list of individual items. Select one to view an item overview. More details can be seen by clicking view item


Search for equipment in the search section. A search history is displayed below the search bar.

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