Deleting Kinds of Equipment

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL REQUIRED: Owners and Editors

⚠️ ATTENTION: You cannot delete a kind of equipment if you have active equipment items in it, this is to prevent accidental mass deletion. To delete a category with items in it, you must first delete or move to another kind each item of equipment. There is no bulk delete function for this at the moment. Also, once a Kind has been permanently deleted, it cannot be restored.

Once you have deleted all items in the kind you will now be able to delete the kind itself. You will see in the GIF below that the kind Tyvek Suits has 0 items in it, therefore the Delete option is available to choose.

To delete a kind of equipment:

  1. Go to Team Settings
  2. Under Equipment select Categories & Kinds
  3. Expand the Category the Kind is located under
  4. Hover over the Kind you wish to delete
  5. Click Delete
  6. Type in the prompted word in the space to confirm
  7. Click I understand the consequences, delete and that group will no longer appear

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