Creating a Health & Safety Report

💡 TIP: Add Custom Fields to your organization's Health and Safety reports to track specific data.

In order to create a health & safety report,

  1. Go to Intelligence > Health & Safety
  2. Click +Add Report
  3. To link the report to an event / exercise / incident Switch On Activity to Yes and search for the activity
    1. If you are linking the report to an Event / Exercise / Incident, the pin on the map is set to the location on the activity, as are the start time and date
    2. If you are not linking the report to an activity click Select On Map to add the location information. Click into the 🔍 search icon on the map to search for a specific address
  4. Fill in the date and time information
  5. Select from the Category and Severity drop downs
  6. Add any relevant information to the What Happened and Cause sections
  7. Add any Measures that should be taken to mitigate this in the measures text field
  8. Click Save Changes

Adding Corrective Actions

Once you have saved the report you can add your tasks in the Corrective Actions section, these are your set of tasks to mitigate this

  1. Click +Add Task and fill in the the details
  2. Click Save Changes
  3. You will now see 0 out of 2 (depending on how many tasks you added) under the Corrective Actions header
  4. See completing corrective actions to complete the tasks

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