Adding an Equipment Checklist

Equipment Checklists allow you to collect equipment together into lists. Create lists for each different type of response or technique you undertake or use these lists to print off deployment checklists. Checklists are comprised of multiples of equipment Kinds.

To create an equipment checklist:

  1. Go to Logistics > Equipment
  2. Select the Checklists tab
  3. Click Add Checklist
  4. Type in the list title and click Add Checklist
  5. Click on the list title name
  6. Click on Update Details
  7. Here you are able to edit the name of the checklist
  8. Click on Add Another Kind
  9. Select the kind of equipment from the drop down
  10. Enter in the amount of required items
  11. Continue to Add Another Kind until you have completed the checklist
  12. Click Save Changes
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