Issues with Password Reset Emails

Password reset emails are dispatched from a generic @[region] email address. Before proceeding, please make sure to check your email account's Spam Folder for these messages.

Error Message Email Received

After completing the Password Reset steps if you receive an email with an error message this indicates the password reset failed and the email receive will display the reason for the failed password reset.

Here is a noninclusive list of error message you may receive:

Error Message Received Next Steps
A system error has occurred while resetting your password Please try again later. If issue persists reach out to the Help Desk
We are unable to reset your password at the moment Please try again later. If issue persists reach out to the Help Desk
The email address provided doesn't match any account Confirm your account email address with your team's D4H administrator
${} returned an error while attempting to reset your password Contact the Help Desk for further assistance

Account Email VS Team Email

We store and manage your email address in two locations within the software for two different purposes. When you initially created your account, an email address was used to create both your Account Email and Team Email. Below is a description as to the differences and how to correct any issues.

For most users, the Account Email and Team Email will/should be the same. Some users who have access to multiple teams may want different emails used in each team but should remember the email address associated with their D4H Account & Username.

Account Email

Your account email is directly linked to your username and is used when resetting your password. We also use this email address to send you newsletters and product update information.

To change your account email:

  1. Select the D4H logo in the top left of the screen once logged in
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under Your Account select Update Email Address

Team Email

Your team email is used for all communications within D4H specific to your team, like qualification alerts, the weekly digest emails and messages sent using the Communications Module.

To change your team email:

  1. Go to the 👤 user menu in the top right
  2. Select the My Settings 
  3. Select Update Profile, and then update the Email
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