Obtaining Barcode Hardware

Acquiring Barcodes

  • Purchase Pre-Made Barcode or QR Stickers: You can easily acquire pre-made barcode or QR stickers from https://www.myassettag.com. These stickers can be customized to match your references #s (Refs) or come with random digits. If you opt for random digits, it's essential to ensure they don't overlap with any of your existing Refs #. Starting from a higher number, such as 5000001, 5000002, 5000003, and so on, can help you avoid conflicts.
  • Invest in a Barcode Printer and Specialized Paper: Another approach is to invest in your barcode printer and specialized paper. This gives you greater flexibility and control over your barcoding process. However, when choosing a barcode printer, please make sure it is compatible with one of the barcode types supported by D4H. You can find a list of supported barcode types here.

Scanning Devices

When it comes to scanning devices, you have two options:

  • Mobile App and Smartphone Camera: Utilize the camera on your smartphone in conjunction with our Equipment Management mobile app for quick and on-the-go scanning capabilities. This method is ideal for flexibility and mobility.
  • USB Barcode Scanner for Desktop/Laptop: Alternatively, you can opt for a USB barcode scanner connected to your laptop or desktop computer. These scanners are recognized by your computer as keyboards and input the barcode data wherever your cursor is, automatically pressing enter for you. If you're interested in using a USB barcode scanner with our web version on a desktop, we recommend considering the Inateck BCST-52, which is a reliable and compatible option.

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