Adding a Custom Field


💡 TIP: Bundle your common custom fields together for ease of use and to organize similar custom fields together.

To add a custom field:

  1. Go to Team Settings
  2. Under Custom Fields and Timestamps click into the section you want to add a custom field to
  3. Click Add Field
  4. Give your custom field a title
  5. You can add your custom field to a bundle to organize common custom fields together, this will appear as a section header
  6. Select the data type, whether it's a text field or a drop down field
    1. Note that once you hav saved the custom field you cannot edit the type. You would need to delete the field and create it again with a different data type
  7. Choose the privacy of this custom field's data, Private indicates that only Member+ and above will be able to see the data
  8. Choose if this custom field data is searchable from the search box in your account
  9. Mark whether this field is required, if this is marked required for example you will not be able to approve an activity until it's filled in
  10. Key in any hint text details to help guide your members when they are filling out the field data
  11. Click Save Changes

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