Bulk Qualifying Members

ℹ️ NOTE: Before you are able to bulk qualify your members for a qualification, you must first add the qualification.  Once the qualification has been added, you will need to download and fill out our Bulk-Upload Template from the Qualifications page.

🔑 ACCESS LEVEL: Owner or Editor


  • Do not delete the column headings shown in the upload template
  • Names or Reference numbers of the members that you are qualifying need to be exactly as recorded in your team's account
  • Leave the expiry date blank if your qualification does not have an expiry date
  • Dates must be in YYYY-MM-DD format. Once the file has been uploaded successfully, the D4H system will convert the dates based on the date format that is selected in your account.

To bulk qualify members:

  1. Go to Planning > Qualifications 
  2. Click into the qualification you wish to update
  3. Click Qualify Members
  4. Click upload spreadsheet
  5. Download our Bulk-Upload Template (save file as a .CSV)
  6. Update the template with the applicable information; start adding member details in the second row
  7. Once the template has been populated, go back to the qualification you want to update
  8. Click Qualify Members
  9. Click Upload Spreadsheet and select the file or simply drag and drop the file into the box
  10. Once the file has uploaded, wait for the page to automatically submit
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